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Biophilic design patterns should be scaled to the surrounding environment and to the predicted user population for the space. Patterns can be applied at the scale of a micro-space, a room, a building, a neighborhood or campus, and even an entire district or city. Each of these spaces will present different design challenges depending on the programming, user types and dynamics, climate, culture, and various physical parameters, as well as existing or needed infrastructure.

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And while ethnicity can play a role in influencing an individual's landscape preferences, cultures and groups across the world utilize landscapes and space in different ways (128. Forsyth & Musacchio, 2005 ). Frequency of use, nature of use, participation rates and purpose of visit all vary drastically between nationalities, cultures and sub-groups. These factors do not mean that certain ethnic groups have a lower appreciation for landscape or a less significant connection with nature. These groups simply utilize and interact with nature in ways that are compatible with their culture and needs. Identifying early on what those needs may be will help define parameters for appropriate design strategies and interventions.

Thoughtful applications of biophilic design can create a multi-platformstrategy for familiar challenges traditionally associated with buildingperformance such as thermal comfort, acoustics, energy and water management, aswell as larger scale issues such as asthma, biodiversity and flood mitigation.We know increased natural air flow can help prevent sick building syndrome;daylighting can cut energy costs in terms of heating and cooling (135. Loftness & Snyder, 2008 ); and increased vegetation can reduce particulatematter in the air, reduce urban heat island effect, improve air infiltrationrates and reduce perceived levels of noise pollution (136. Forsyth & Musacchio, 2005 ). These strategies can all be implemented in amanner that achieves a biophilic response for improved performance, health andwell-being.

The Access to Thermal & Airflow Variability pattern has evolved from research measuring the effects of natural ventilation, its resulting thermal variability, and worker comfort, well-being and productivity (Heerwagen, 2006; Tham & Willem, 2005; Wigö, 2005), physiology and perception of temporal and spatial alliesthesia (pleasure) (Parkinson, de Dear & Candido, 2012; Zhang, Arens, Huizenga & Han, 2010; Arens, Zhang & Huizenga, 2006; Zhang, 2003; de Dear & Brager, 2002; Heschong, 1979), Attention Restoration Theory and impact of nature in motion on concentration (Hartig et al., 2003; Hartig et al., 1991; R. Kaplan & Kaplan, 1989) and, generally speaking, a growing discontent with the conventional approach to thermal design, which focuses on trying to achieve a narrow target area of temperature, humidity and air flow while minimizing variability (e.g., de Dear, Brager & Cooper, 1997).

Server Studio&#8482 together with Sentinel&#8482 form a powerful solutions infrastructure with wide-ranging capabilities that helps both seasoned database professionals and novices alike manage IBM Informix data servers environment with unparallel ease and improved productivity - from initial design, development and testing, all the way through to production deployment and successful operational service.


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