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[S1E4] The Voice In The Night

In Moon Knight episode 4, a strange new character with hippo-like features was introduced. Taweret, an Egyptian god, is the character you're looking for if you're scratching your head and wondering what's going on.

[S1E4] The Voice in the Night

Taweret is the Egyptian goddess of fertility and childbirth. She has the appearance of a hippo, but with the arms of a lion and the tail and legs of a crocodile, as in Moon Knight. "Lady of Heaven," "Mistress of Pure Water," "She Who Removes Water," and "Mistress of the Horizon" are some of her epithets, and her name Taweret means "The Great One."

It remains to be seen whether she will assist them in escaping and stopping Harrow's evil plans. The god is also a member of the Ennead; we saw some of these deities gather via their avatars in Moon Knight episode 3, but Taweret was not among them.

If the Ennead reappears in future Moon Knight episodes, we can expect her to be included in the cast. At the moment, it's unclear whether Taweret will return to the MCU, but given the Marvel universe's history of crossovers and cameos, we're not likely to see her again.

As mentioned back in the review of the Moon Knight premiere, this particular Marvel hero's had a lot of cooks in the kitchen over the years. That's true of every Marvel title, sure, but think of these cooks as ones trying to playfully reinvent a particular cuisine. Various writers have had a blast remaking and remodeling the "Fist of Khonshu" and one of the most inventive takes over the years came from Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood back in 2016 when Marc Spector woke up in a mental hospital, unsure as to whether or not he'd imagined, well... everything.

So, that's how Episode 4 ended. And it wasn't even just a brief moment right at the end or a post-credits stinger; it lasted the final ten minutes and we're still not out of the woods yet, so to speak. Episode 4, at face value, may have seemed like a time out of sorts. No Khonshu. No Moon Knight. It was just Steven and Layla, having lost their supernatural protection, racing against time to beat Harrow to the finish line inside the tomb of (another bonus twist) Alexander the Great. Structuring can be everything in a TV season and this was the perfect episode at the perfect time. It may have seemed slower and less involved with the overall mythos, but the focus on Layla as a tomb raider, the ghastly ghouls stalking everyone inside the tomb, and the interesting love triangle between our heroine and two men living inside one body made for the best installment yet.

A different feature may be in order to break down all the "real world" things/symbols Marc sees in the asylum, but they range from minuscule things like a cupcake (Steven uses a cupcake truck to get away in the premiere) to bigger ones like a VHS copy of Tomb Buster, Harrow's cane and shoes, and the wheelchair ankle strap. After four episodes of dueling personalities, suit summoning, Overvoid politics, and generally most everyone not being on the same page, or knowing everything, except the series' villain, this reboot-ish use of the Lemire comics was inspired and needed. From the premiere, the series seemed like it might give us a one-off episode, be it a flashback (seeing Harrow as Moon Knight would still be awesome) or something else, but with only two episodes left this was definitely the best path.

We still need more backstory, of course, even if we don't get full flashbacks. Basically, Marc's entire time as Moon Knight is still hanging out there. How long was he a superhero? Was he battling crooks by night for a while before Harrow hatched his Ammit plan or has Marc only been wearing the suit for this one long mission? Before Marc got shot down, and whisked away to ethereal psychiatric care, his big secret got revealed. Marc -- sticking with the original Moon Knight comic book origin -- was there when his gal's archeologist father was murdered (Layla being the Marlene role from the comics). He didn't do it, but his hands aren't clean. And when confronting his partner, he got shot down and resurrected by Khonshu. And this was... ten years prior? Again, that's a lot of Moon Knight time.

Episode 4 cast a nice nostalgia spell, giving us catacombs, puzzles, and creepy crawlies in the dark. Violence-wise, it got pretty gruesome when one of the tomb's monstrous protectors ripped that one guy's organs out while he was still alive. Moon Knight isn't a blood-soaked show per se, but it is super lethal. Both Marc and Layla have killed many in their path, especially during last week's battle at Mogart's, so none of this felt out of place. It did, though, add a nice horror tinge to the story.

Also on that night, Lee searches for hours to find the bear and, just as Hester advises him to give up, they see him. Lee approaches him Iorek tells him to go away, not wanting to reveal what had happened to him. Lee then sees that his armour has been taken. The following morning, Lee goes to the Sysselman to talk to him about freeing Iorek and tries to convince the man that the bear's armour belongs to him after losing it in a game of cards. The man refuses to believe him and, after Lee tries to bribe him and a pair of Magisterium guards walk along outside, Lee is forced to leave as the Sysselman pulls a gun out. Lee finds out from the Sysselman that Iorek is being punished after killing some men.

Outside, Beatrice is talking to a horse in the stable. She hears the sound of a tree being chopped and a deep voice singing a melody about getting wood for a fire and wonders who would be out doing so at night in the rain.

Back in Cintra, the masked man who fought his way into the feast reveals himself to be Lord Urcheon of Erlenwald. Calanthe scoffs, asking why a "knight of no renown" believes he is owed her daughter's hand in marriage. She asks him to remove his helmet, but she says he can't "until the sounding of the twelfth bell." Eist knocks it off ("Bollocks to that.") and the knight's face is revealed, to the horror of the court: he's half-man, half-hedgehog.

And finally, back to Ciri. She's having a dream, of fighting and bloodshed. We see a gory close-up of a man's ear being sliced off. Then a shot of Cahir, full of rage. He raises his sword, but she wakes up before the blade falls. The leader of the dryads asks Ciri to drink the forest's water, "from the source." She slices into the bark of a giant, magical-looking tree. Sap bleeds out and Ciri drinks it, finding herself in a strange, dreamlike desert, in which is planted an even bigger tree. Then an eerie voice calls to her. "What are you, child?"

Some fans may have recognized that the family sign belongs to Love's, a family-owned chain of truck stops across the United States. It seemed purposeful that the camera focused on a sign that once read "Love's" decayed almost past recognition as Hank Williams' voice is heard singing "Alone and Forsaken," a song about a love that has ran its course.

One segment of Christians indeed love God, but can neither hear His voice nor submit to it. Everyone can be taught to discern the voice of the good shepherd; it is not a difficult concept (John 10:4, 27). Reading the inspired Word of God, the Scriptures, is the only way to exercise it (2 Timothy 3:16).

The other group of Christians can hear the voice but lacks the strength to follow the instructions. There is a solution to this as well: continually renewing our minds with the Word of God to help us cast down all thoughts that seek to exalt themselves above the knowledge of God.

Every episode usually has one of the most outstanding auditions of the night, one of them was Parijita Bastola's. The four jurors decided to push the button and do everything they could to get her to join their teams. The four jurors decided to push the button and go to great lengths to get her to join their teams. But the winner was the singer of All Of Me, John Legend.

Sydney Kronmiller was also a standout and took Latch to the next level. They proved that singers don't always need big vocal moments, but to know how to use their voice and tone. Here is the list of the singers, their chosen songs and whether they have become part of the team of any of this year's coaches:

OK, folks: it's time to watch The Last of Us episode 4 online. Tonight we get a follow-up to the amazing brilliance of The Last of Us episode 3, the episode that left us all in on HBO's adaptation of the popular video game.

This is HBO's new Sunday night show, and airs weekly at 9 p.m. ET, the same time it pops up on HBO Max (try refreshing the page by opening the 'Series' tab, if you need to). This fourth episode, which debuts on February 5th, runs 50 minutes.

The Last of Us is led by Pedro Pascal as Joel, who is a survivor in the pandemic-ravaged America. Fans of the video game should note that Merle Dandridge voiced the character Marlene in the video games, and that Jeffrey Pierce provided the voice of Tommy in The Last of Us games.

That night, which happened to be Christmas Eve, their new video of them being jerks to the Santa, elves and children was losing them even more followers (shocker), and Barry laid into the rest of them about how terrible their content is. But that became the least of their problems when an LAPD Detective Gibbs (Taneka Johnson) called to ask them for a copy of their Santa video because it turned out the mall Santa was actually Killer Santa. He murdered the man who was supposed to be the mall Santa and was now on the loose.

After Zeppeli teaches Jonathan a technique called Zoom Punch, Speedwagon appears and announces that Dio had been spotted in the town of Windknight's Lot. The group sets off immediately in a carriage. Apparently, the only way into the town is through a tunnel in the mountain, where once inside, the group is attacked by Jack the Ripper. At first, Jack unleashes a bunch of scalpels from inside his body, but Zeppeli is able to deflect them by infusing his wine with Ripple and launches it as projectiles. Zeppeli then uses a Ripple Kick on Jack and melts half his face. Jack jumps backwards and grabs hold of a sword stuck in the ceiling of the tunnel. Its true purpose is revealed as a lever which unlocks a passageway in the side of the tunnel, which Jack climbs through. Zeppeli hands Jonathan a glass of wine and tells him to defeat Jack without spilling a drop of it, lest he face the consequences. 041b061a72


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