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What Size Scrubs Should I Buy

If you are between sizes or prefer a more fitted look, we suggest sizing down. We plan on launching new sizes, styles, and colors as we expand our scrubs collection. Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter for product updates!

what size scrubs should i buy

When choosing scrub sizes that work for you, you want scrubs that are form-fitting (not too baggy, but not too tight, either). The cut of these scrubs can vary slightly, from truly form-fitting to a relaxed or even unisex fit. But before you buy, ask yourself:

Although your scrubs should be form-fitting, pay attention to the comfort of the fit itself. Does the form-fitting nature of your uniform leave you with an awkward inseam placement, or is the V-neckline just a bit too low for the length of your torso? Where does the waistline of your scrub pants sit, and is this waistline one that you are comfortable with?

For example, hot, dry weather will most likely lend itself to a scrub top with no undershirt. However, cooler weather might have you seeking out the soft, comforting embrace of a reliable underscrub. Remember, you need enough room under those nursing scrubs to accommodate both scenarios and keep yourself comfortable through all the seasons.

Wearing scrubs is a necessity for many different professions in the healthcare field. Whether you're a doctor, a nurse, a specialist, or another healthcare worker, getting the right scrubs that fit perfectly can help you be the best at what you do.

In order to get the proper size of scrubs, you may need to take your measurements in advance. Bust or chest, waist, height, hip, outside leg, and inseam measurements can help you ensure that the size of the scrub you order will fit correctly. Size charts often include specific measurements, which will allow you to compare them to your own measurements and determine the best size to choose.

Scrubs come in an array of different styles, so taking a good look at the specific cut and design will also help you decide on the right fit. Some styles are looser designs, while others have a more tailored fit. The more tailored the fit of the scrubs, the more precise your sizing will likely need to be for them to fit properly.

Another aspect that plays a part in how scrubs will fit is the fabric content. Some scrubs have no give or stretch, while others are made up of fabric blends that include a small percentage of spandex for a bit of stretch. If you know that the scrubs material will have some give to it, then it may impact the size you choose. Understanding the fabric content will also help determine if the scrubs may shrink after washing; if that's the case, then you may need to buy a larger size to compensate. Cotton/polyester fabric blends are not likely to shrink when washing, so consider getting a blend like this as you want to get the right size without having to worry about shrinkage.

There are different details that scrubs may have that may also involve fit. A scrub top with side vents will allow for ease of movement, so you can be more precise with your sizing. Scrub bottoms with drawstring waists will help ensure that the waist can be adjusted to your body.

Having the correct inseam measurement is essential for a scrub pant. Consider brands that not only have the option for a specific size but also allow you to choose your inseam length for the ideal fit. This ensures that the scrub pants will be comfortable and correctly aligned to your body.

Another tip that can help healthcare professionals when sizing scrubs is to read reviews from past customers to learn more about the fit of women's and men's scrubs. They can provide their experiences with specific brands and will often state whether they run large, small, or true to size. Having this information can further assist in the sizing process in case you need to go up or down a size depending on the brand.

It's important doctors, nurses, and other health professionals have the close, comfortable fit they need in scrubs. Knowing how to size scrubs properly will help you to get the professional-looking fit that matches your unique body shape.

Depending on the design, scrub pants may offer different features such as antimicrobial fabric treatments,pockets of all sizes, mesh vents for breathability, knit panels for extra movement, drawstring and/orelastic waists and more. Use these features to narrow down your selection and make your final purchase.

Although this is a most joyous time, comfort is not going to be one of the sources of joy here! As the months go by; and baby grows, being on your feet and up and about can get a bit difficult. Luckily, one area where you can still control your comfort, is in your clothing. Purchasing maternity scrubs will ensure that you will be the most comfortable you can be as your body changes. Soft panel waisted maternity scrub pants, and scrub tops with knit stretch side panels, adjustable ties, and a longer front for proper coverage will make it so much easier to get around throughout your pregnancy.

I wear a 12-14 in jeans...I usually wear a large in say, misses yoga pants from Target. I'm thinking a stretch scrub pants would be best. I don't know what size to order. My hips are 43 (yikes) but I don't just want them to fit, but also be flattering and not make me look bigger than I am. Anyone know if Cherokee flexibles are any good? I'm in the process of losing 50 pounds but obviously my job's going to start months before I'll have significant progress. I'm 5'7" and my legs are really curvy..meaning they have a strong angle from my hips to my knees inward --if that's even relevant.I've always felt more supported in pants with big elastic waistbands. Even though I'm a "pear" I'm self conscious about my lower stomach and like the support of a non-drawstring pant.

XS in scrub pants and a size 3 junior jeans. Used to be a XLG in scrub pants and a size 18 misses jeans. This is due to my 100+ lb weight loss within the last 2 years. BTW I'm only 5'2 so imagine how I looked at my larger size.

I wear size 16 jeans and my Landau unisex scrubs for school are L. They are roomy but the waist is drawstring so I just cinch it tight. They were way long on me though, I am 5'7" and I still had to shorten them. But, I had bought Landau Women's scrub pants, also size L which fit in the hips/butt fine but they were a tad too short!

right now im probably a size 9-10 ugh but anyway it really depends on the scrubs im wearing. im in nursing school and work as a patient transporter but i like to wear koi (soooo comfy) in a size medium pettite, im about 5'5 but the regular lenght drags on the floor all the time which i dont like, also i wear plain cherokee scrubs they are very plain and a straight wide leg with a little flare with a drawstring waist but they dont fall off like some drawstrings do...i would stay just start with about a large and try them on even thought it suckkkkkssss trying on scrubs for about 2 hours....i also have a little bit of a "thicker" leg because i do have a butt haha with that comes having legs like you mentioned you have....try a large, i would reccomed Koi if your looking for very soft comfy drawstring pants that the drawstring actually gives you support their also more low on the waist if you like that.....or the cherokee scrubs that are totally plain in the front with 2 large pokets their good too i have mine in a small cause im a little shorter and they were pretty wide in the leg try a large in them and see how they feel.

Modern fit nursing scrub tops may have a slightly short sleeve length and a slightly shorter center back length as well. The main difference between modern fit and classic fit is that modern fit scrubs are designed and cut to fit closer to the body from the chest to the hip. Seaming and darting will pull the top closer to the body at the natural waist.

Unisex fit scrub tops have roomier armholes and fit straight and loose through the waist. The length of most unisex scrub tops will likely fall slightly below the hips, but reference the style description for the center back length. Unisex fit scrub pants have a rise that normally sits around the natural waist or just below with a more relaxed fit around the hips, butt, and thigh. Some women will go down a size when buying unisex fit.

Maternity scrubs are designed to fit and grow with you through out your pregnancy. When you shop for Maternity scrubs at Affordable Uniforms you should buy your pre-pregnancy size, there is no need to go up a size in your maternity scrubs.

Most medical practitioners such as the nurses and even the doctors choose scrubs suits as their working uniforms. In fact, the scrub set comprising of a loose top and pants is the standard uniform for nurses in the US and in several other countries. Some hospitals have come up with uniform regulations that specific colors, cut and fit. However, in most health-related institutions, nurses are allowed to wear scrubs of personal choice. [no_toc]

Aside from choosing comfortable scrubs, it is also necessary to consider its usefulness on your job. Put into consideration the things you usually put in your chest pocket, and how important these stuff are. If you often look on the storage space that it provides, then stick to it. However, if loading the chest pocket already puts some distress to your neck and shoulders though, simply drop it. It is more necessary for males to have scrubs with chest pocket for pencil, pen and cell phone slots.

To add up to the style of your workwear scrubs, drawstrings and buttons are the typical design for medical nursing scrubs tops and pants. Both may also be used in adjusting the right fit corresponding to your body size.

It depends on how many shifts you work per week, as well as your ability to launder your scrubs appropriately (and any other factors, like how often your scrubs may become contaminated between patients).

Use this chart to determine your size. If one of your measurements is between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit. If your measurements for hips and waist correspond to two different suggested sizes, order the one indicated by your hip measurement. 041b061a72


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