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Server Season: Season 15 Files Version: Database Type: MuOnline I agree to forum rules and posting guidance: I wonder why the igcn team could not develop to let users manually custom script lua? It's a very cool thing that I think is really good for users to create servers according to their ideas.

igcn server files cracked 16

Server Season: Season 15 Files Version: 15.1.30 Database Type: Me_MuOnline + MuOnline I agree to forum rules and posting guidance: Hello, I am changing my server play rules from non-reset to reset (lvl and master) Now i change somethings but some things dont know where to change it: - Whats event need to change level (exclude blood and devil, i change already) - How to change to show ticket level true with server config (can not find in bmd client files), exp: i change chao castle in server with new lvl access, but in client dont know how to chang, ticket showing with old régister level. Thanks to help

Hello everyone, Yesterday we've bought Season 17 Premium Plus package but we are having issues with starting the ToolKit and the Chat Server, the rest works fine. We are receiving: No active license found. Please activate this software using IGC.GameServer The Game server and the rest works just fine, but we are having this issue only with the ToolKit Lite and the Chat Server. I assume we might have missed or writen wrong IP somewhere in the config files, but we didn't manage to find a mistake there. Any suggestions how to proceed? I am providing you with screenshots below: Thank you in advance, Enjoy your day everyone!

Server Season: Season 16 Tool Type: IGC.ToolKit (Premium) Tool Version: latest I agree to forum rules and posting guidance: Hello Bigman , there is an xshop update on the latest version of s16 igcn suite but xshop editor does not recognize the change with socket slots and when you save the xshop files the tool removes all those codes and you have to add them manually , can we get this fixed?

Hi folks, Have anyone managed to edit the description of SirLesnar? A lot of players have troubles with the Arca registration and they don't bother googling so I wanted to make it easier for them and explain. What file is that? (if possible) I searched all the langs and server files but just can't find the string :S


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