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Henna 1991: The Story Behind the Making of Raj Kapoor's Last Production

Henna 1991: A Classic Love Story Across Borders

Henna is a 1991 Hindi film directed by Randhir Kapoor and produced by Raj Kapoor. The film features Rishi Kapoor, Zeba Bakhtiar, and Ashwini Bhave in lead roles. The movie showcases the love story of two young individuals named Chander (Rishi Kapoor) and Henna (Zeba Bakhtiar), who fall in love with each other during their childhood days in a small village in India. However, their love story takes a drastic turn when Chander moves to a city with his family, leaving Henna behind. Henna's father arranges her marriage with a wealthy man in a foreign land, and she is forced to leave her village and move to Pakistan with her husband. After years apart, Chander learns about Henna's fate and decides to reunite with his childhood love. He sets out on a journey to find her, encountering several obstacles on the way.

Hindi Full Movie Henna 1991


The plot of the movie revolves around the concept of true love, distance, obstacles, and reunions. It highlights the challenges faced by lovers who are separated by distance and how they can overcome the obstacles to reunite. The film also explores the themes of cultural differences, social issues, and family values. It showcases the traditional Indian culture and customs, including weddings, festivals, and rituals.

The actors' performances in the movie are commendable, with Rishi Kapoor doing justice to his character's emotions and dilemmas. Zeba Bakhtiar also delivers a convincing performance, portraying the struggles of her character. The movie's music, composed by Ravindra Jain, is soulful and soothing, with tracks like 'Main Hoon Khush Rang Henna' and 'Chitthiye Ni Dard Firaaq Waliye' gaining immense popularity.

Overall, Henna is a beautifully crafted film with a touching story that will leave a lasting impression on the audience's hearts. It is a must-watch for those who appreciate classic love stories and traditional Indian cinema.

The Plot of Henna 1991

The childhood romance of Chander and Henna in a village in India

The movie begins with a flashback scene where Chander and Henna are shown as childhood friends who live in a village near Jammu in India. They share a strong bond of friendship and love each other. They spend their days playing, singing, and enjoying the beauty of nature. They also exchange letters and gifts, expressing their feelings for each other.

The separation of Chander and Henna due to Chander's migration to the city

One day, Chander's father decides to move to the city with his family, as he gets a job offer there. Chander is heartbroken, as he has to leave his village and his beloved Henna. He promises to write to her regularly and come back to marry her when he grows up. Henna is also devastated, as she loses her best friend and lover. She keeps waiting for his letters, but they never arrive.

The arranged marriage of Henna with a wealthy man in a foreign land

Years pass by, and Henna grows up into a beautiful young woman. Her father arranges her marriage with a wealthy man named Chandar Khan (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), who lives in Pakistan. Henna is reluctant to marry a stranger, but she has no choice but to obey her father's wishes. She hopes that Chander will come back to stop her wedding, but he does not show up. She bids farewell to her village and crosses the border with her husband.

The reunion of Chander and Henna after years of distance and obstacles

Meanwhile, Chander also grows up into a handsome young man. He works as a journalist in the city and lives with his mother and sister. He still loves Henna and tries to find her, but he does not know where she is. He also faces pressure from his mother to get married, but he refuses to do so.

One day, he gets an assignment to cover a story in Pakistan. He sees this as an opportunity to look for Henna there. He crosses the border with his friend Shaukat (Saeed Jaffrey), who is a Pakistani national. However, on their way, they get caught in a bomb blast and lose their passports and belongings. Chander suffers from memory loss and forgets his identity and past.

He is rescued by a group of nomads, who take him to their camp. There, he meets Henna, who is also staying with them temporarily. She recognizes him instantly, but he does not remember her. She tries to remind him of their childhood love, but he does not believe her. She decides to stay with him until he regains his memory.

They spend some time together, and Chander gradually falls in love with her again. He also learns about her marriage with Chandar Khan, who is a cruel and abusive man. He decides to save her from him and take her back to India with him.

However, their love faces many challenges, as they have to deal with the hostility of the border guards, the wrath of Chandar Khan, the interference of Chander's mother and sister, and the political tensions between India and Pakistan.

The movie ends with a dramatic climax, where Chander and Henna manage to escape from their enemies and cross the border safely. They reunite with their families and friends in India and get married happily.

The Themes of Henna 1991

The concept of true love, distance, obstacles, and reunions

The movie explores the concept of true love that transcends distance, time, obstacles, and borders. It shows how Chander and Henna's love for each other remains strong and pure despite being separated for years and facing many difficulties. It also shows how they overcome the barriers of culture, religion, nationality, and family to reunite with each other.

The movie portrays the power of love that can heal wounds, restore memory, inspire courage, and bring happiness. It also depicts the importance of faithfulness, loyalty, honesty, and sacrifice in love.

The cultural differences, social issues, and family values

The movie also highlights the cultural differences between India and Pakistan, the social issues that affect the lives of the people, and the family values that shape their relationships. It shows how the two countries have a history of conflict and mistrust, but also have similarities and commonalities in their culture and traditions. It shows how the people of both countries face problems such as poverty, violence, corruption, and oppression, but also have hopes and dreams for a better future. It shows how the families of both countries have different expectations and norms for their children, but also have love and respect for them.

The traditional Indian culture and customs

The movie also showcases the traditional Indian culture and customs, especially in the rural areas. It depicts the colorful and vibrant aspects of the Indian culture, such as the weddings, festivals, rituals, music, dance, art, and cuisine. It also depicts the values and beliefs of the Indian people, such as their faith in God, their respect for elders, their sense of community, and their pride in their heritage.

The Performances of Henna 1991

The commendable acting of Rishi Kapoor, Zeba Bakhtiar, and Ashwini Bhave

The movie features some of the finest actors of the Indian cinema, who deliver commendable performances in their respective roles. Rishi Kapoor plays the role of Chander with utmost sincerity and charm. He portrays the emotions and dilemmas of his character with conviction and grace. He also displays his versatility as an actor by switching from a playful and innocent child to a mature and determined man.

Zeba Bakhtiar plays the role of Henna with elegance and beauty. She portrays the struggles and aspirations of her character with authenticity and sensitivity. She also displays her talent as an actress by expressing her feelings through her eyes and gestures.

Ashwini Bhave plays the role of Chandni, who is Chander's sister and Henna's friend. She portrays the loyalty and supportiveness of her character with warmth and sincerity. She also displays her skill as an actress by adding humor and liveliness to her scenes.

The supporting roles of Saeed Jaffrey, Farida Jalal, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, and others

The movie also features some of the veteran actors of the Indian cinema, who play supporting roles in the movie. Saeed Jaffrey plays the role of Shaukat, who is Chander's friend and guide in Pakistan. He portrays the friendliness and wisdom of his character with humor and wit. He also adds a touch of comedy to the movie with his dialogues and expressions.

Farida Jalal plays the role of Chander's mother, who is a strict and conservative woman. She portrays the sternness and protectiveness of her character with authority and realism. She also adds a touch of drama to the movie with her confrontations and arguments.

Kulbhushan Kharbanda plays the role of Chandar Khan, who is Henna's husband and antagonist in the movie. He portrays the cruelty and arrogance of his character with intensity and menace. He also adds a touch of suspense to the movie with his actions and schemes.

Other actors who play important roles in the movie are Reema Lagoo, Raza Murad, Kiran Kumar, Shafi Inamdar, Dilip Dhawan, Laxmikant Berde, Rajendra Nath, Kamal Kapoor, Arun Bakshi, Dina Pathak, and others. They all play their roles with professionalism and dedication, adding value and depth to the movie.

The Music of Henna 1991

The soulful and soothing music composed by Ravindra Jain

The music of the movie is composed by the legendary music director Ravindra Jain, who is known for his melodious and meaningful songs. The music of the movie is soulful and soothing, creating a perfect mood for the romantic and emotional scenes. The music also reflects the cultural diversity and richness of the movie, incorporating elements of folk, classical, and modern music.

The popular tracks like 'Main Hoon Khush Rang Henna' and 'Chitthiye Ni Dard Firaaq Waliye'

The movie features some of the most popular and memorable tracks of the Indian cinema, which have become evergreen hits among the audience. Some of the songs are:

  • 'Main Hoon Khush Rang Henna': This is the title song of the movie, sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It is a cheerful and lively song that celebrates the beauty and happiness of Henna. It also introduces the character of Henna to the audience.

  • 'Chitthiye Ni Dard Firaaq Waliye': This is a sad and poignant song, sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It is a song that expresses the pain and longing of Henna for Chander. It also depicts the separation and distance between them.

  • 'Der Na Ho Jaye Kahin': This is a romantic and melodious song, sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Suresh Wadkar, Mohammed Aziz, and others. It is a song that depicts the reunion and love of Chander and Henna. It also depicts their hope and fear of losing each other again.

  • 'Bedardi Tere Pyar Ne': This is a playful and humorous song, sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Suresh Wadkar. It is a song that depicts the teasing and flirting between Chander and Henna. It also depicts their chemistry and compatibility.

  • 'Anar Dana Naar Dana': This is a festive and energetic song, sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It is a song that depicts the wedding ceremony of Henna with Chandar Khan. It also depicts the contrast between the joyous and sorrowful emotions of Henna.

The Reception of Henna 1991

The critical acclaim and awards received by the movie

The movie received critical acclaim from both critics and audience, who praised its story, direction, acting, music, cinematography, and editing. The movie was also nominated for several awards, such as:


Filmfare AwardsBest FilmRandhir KapoorNominated

Filmfare AwardsBest DirectorRandhir KapoorNominated

Filmfare AwardsBest ActorRishi KapoorNominated

Filmfare AwardsBest ActressZeba BakhtiarNominated

Filmfare AwardsBest Music DirectorRavindra JainNominated

Filmfare AwardsBest LyricistRavindra Jain for 'Main Hoon Khush Rang Henna'Nominated

Filmfare AwardsBest Female Playback Singer b70169992d


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