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This book is great for youth groups, chapel programs, activities, or just for singing at home around the piano or with a guitar. This spiral-bound resource includes 209 hymns and choruses. We also have an accompaniment track for the 9th Edition Songbook. It includes piano accompaniment for each song in the songbook.



We offer this songbook as a gift to the movement in hopes that the practice of raising our voices together will enable us to honor our pasts, learn from one another, and begin to envision a just society where Everybody and Being has a Right to Live.

Oh Boy Records is proud to present John Prine Beyond Words, a songbook by John Prine. In his first official book, Prine curates a selection of his favorites songs, photographs and stories from his catalog. This book includes:

By exploring these songs, we hope that their stories, lessons, and aloha will resonate with you. For educators and families, this songbook is a source for curriculum across disciplines in schools and homes.

The songbook has 34 songs. Each is an individual pūʻolo that contains many print and audio/video resources. Go to the Songs page to choose a song. On each song page, you can download the pūʻolo filled with print resources, listen to the song with lyrics or music sheets, and watch clips about the song on YouTube or through our partner ʻUluʻulu: The Henry Kuʻualoha Giugni Moving Image Archive. To learn more about our songbook, check out these pages About Eddie and About Songbook. 041b061a72


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