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Matching Rings For Couples - a timeless gift

What are the main characteristics and meanings of five stone rings?

The 5 diamond ring is a jewel with many characteristics

It is well-known that if you are looking to impress a woman, gifting her a ring is a great idea. The 5 diamond ring is among the most sought-after rings among women. It is not as popular as the solitaire ring, but it is nevertheless very valuable and is also a great gift for various occasions. The precious stones are positioned on the opposite side of the circumference. Usually, the 5 diamond ring is made by goldsmiths working in white gold and the gems are brilliant cut diamonds of the same size or, in some cases with the central stone larger than the lateral ones. The 5 diamond ring holds an incredibly significant meaning that is love, passion, and commitment. This is the reason that the eternity is often the first ring that is given to a couple at the time of their engagement.

When to present a five-Couple Jewelry Sets

A diamond ring with 5 diamonds has traditionally been a refined elegant gift given by a man to the woman that he adores. It symbolizes eternal love and sincere love. However, there are many occasions when this exquisite gift can be given: it can be gifted to mark the anniversary of an engagement, or for the birth of a baby or to his baptism. In the 5-diamond ring it is the diamonds that symbolize the love that one feels for a special someone. In reality, diamonds are the most durable and tough stone that exists in nature.

Types of diamond rings

Diamond rings aren't limited to those with five stones. In fact, they can be purchased with seven stones or diamonds around. In this instance, unlike the 5-diamond ring the precious stones are present throughout the circumference of the ring. This type of ring is known as a riviera jewelry ring. The quantity of stones is obviously a factor in determining the price. In recent years zirconia jewelry has become more popular, as they are made of precious stones.

The meaning behind a diamond ring

It is believed that the diamond ring symbolizes an unmistakable mark of love. If you look at the ring's circle of diamonds that is the ring, the symbolism is evident. These stones are also believed to be stable and unlikely to change over time. This is akin to a true and stable relationship. The diamond ring is ideal to give as a present when you decide to propose marriage to your girlfriend.

White gold lightpoints: elegant, simple and ideal for any occasion. Explore the designs of the master craftsmen Franchin GIoielli

Light point necklace

The brilliant light points and light point necklaces are among the most adored and appreciated jewels by women. A light point is a piece of jewelry that never loses its appeal. It can captivate women and give them an elegant and romantic look that is unrivaled. Light point chokers are able to be worn with a variety of outfits. A light-point set in white gold is a piece of jewelry that is tied to the legendary Italian jewelry and goldsmithing tradition.

Different kinds of light point jewelry

Diamonds for necklaces and light-point jewelry have various shapes, that are able to keep the distinct element that is represented by the simple essential lines. They can be portrayed in regular geometric patterns or in other shapes, like flowers, hearts, stars or other representations. For the design of a light-pointed jewel, precious stones like zircons, diamonds and Swarovski are utilized. These stones convey elegance and sophistication and make an outfit more unique. A light point jewel could be a present that demonstrates the deep connection you have to your partner. It's a present that will last many years as a jewel.

The true nature of light point necklaces

The essence of a necklace with a light point is likely to be best illustrated by gold models with diamonds that is the harmony and amalgamation of diamonds and gold noble elements of the highest quality create jewels that are unique in terms of their pristine and prestige. A diamond-colored necklace is a beautiful piece to wear every evening it is a perfect piece to wear even without combining it with other jewellery. Franchin Gioielli, a dependable jeweler for timeless jewels, is the jeweler you can trust. The cost of a necklace that has a light point is, as easy to understand, crucial as the piece of jewelry you'd like to gift your loved ones. It can go from 2-300 euros up to several thousand


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