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Optimum 9200 Blender Buy

The most frequently asked question I get on my Facebook, website and Instagram is probably which blender I use in my recipe videos. To make it easier for you guys I already created an equipment page a few weeks ago on which I listed all of my kitchen essentials and where to get them!

optimum 9200 blender buy

l am looking for a new blender and 9200A , or G2.6 are in my list, which do you recommend, as notice the 9200A is cheaper and more powerful. do you have a discount code for them? l live in uk, scotland

The best-selling Optimum 9200 blender, sponsored by many and used by franchises around Australia, is a commercial-grade blender manufactured uniquely for Athena Solutions with the aim of rivalling the worlds most recognised and respected brands.

The most important component of a blender is the power of the motor. The Optimum has an extraordinary 3 Horse Power motor (2,238 Watts) able to easily withstand the toughest ingredients and outlast most other domestic blenders. The Optimum can quickly and easily emulsify fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and ice into a silky smooth texture which can be used to make soups, ice cream, nut butters and sauces. At a ground-breaking speed of 44,000 rpm the Optimum can also be used to grind grains and crush ice. Optimum can easily withstand the heavy-duty use of juice bars and cafes. A 2,611 watt Motor! coupled with the Precision High, Med, Low & Pulse Functions making smoothies and milkshakes is a simple easy task for this durable commercial blender. The Carbon Brush self-compensating motor makes for not only an efficient use of energy, but also a quieter blending experience that cannot be offered by most other high performance blenders. What's more is that because the motor cools better, it also lasts longer.

I really like this blender. It's powerful and blends everything without the lumps. I like it that it's got protection from overheating, it turns off automatically. I wouldn't put too much of the frozen fruit at once though, it's better to use food processor for that. Great appliance for the price.

The second time I used it I blended sweet potato and carrot and it left an orange stain on the plastic which I cannot remove. If the blended contents are thicker than liquid then quite a lot gets left behind around the blades at the bottom of the blender.

Both the KitchenAid and the Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) Vortex Blender are premium quality blenders with excellent reputations in the industry. Both can make a wide range of fresh, delicious foods from hot soups to green smoothies to ice-cream to nut butters.

The same blender which can make frozen ice cream can also make steaming-hot soups from all natural ingredients in less than 10 minutes! This is achieved with the Optimum 's incredible speed, allowing the blender to heat the contents through friction heat.

Meet my new pride and joy ... let me tell you my smoothie game has been UPPED! I am genuinely sooo impressed! It's super easy to use and so powerful, things blend so quickly and SMOOTH. I've wanted a blender FOREVER with a tamper stick because I hate chunks in my smoothies and it's such a pain when things won't blend properly right! But nuh-uh not with this baby!!

The Optimum 9200A (2nd gen) has a very powerful motor with maximum motor power of 2611W (3.5HP) making this incredible machine the most powerful blender in the market. It can basically blend anything and with it you can achieve delicious smoothies, nut butters, soups, ice cream, grind coffee, crush ice and so much more.

Forged from a premium-quality form of stainless steel, the custom-alloy blades in your Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) Vortex Blender can cut through the hardiest of ingredients. And while most domestic blenders offer two (or occasionally four) blades, your Optimum Vortex Blender contains six: enough to blend thick foods like nut butters into a smooth, silky consistency.

The Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) Vortex Blender features an overload protection fault switch, which ensures that the machine is protected against overload damage. In the unlikely event that the machine overheats, this feature allows you to keep blending without having to switch it off until the motor cools down.

As the name suggest, our carefully designed jugs are made to create the perfect "vortex" for blending your ingredients. Vortex technology is unique to the best quality of blenders on the market such as Optimum and KitchenAid, and will not be found in cheaper quality blenders such as NINJA or other blenders on the market designed for domestic use.

"Meet my new pride and joy ... let me tell you my smoothie game has been UPPED! I am genuinely sooo impressed! It's super easy to use and so powerful, things blend so quickly and SMOOTH. I've wanted a blender FOREVER with a tamper stick because I hate chunks in my smoothies and it's such a pain when things won't blend properly right! But nuh-uh not with this baby!!"

"What an amazing device! I put frozen fruit in it , and even then this blender mixes it into a smooth content. Finally a blender that does not burn out (I think this has happened about three times with me)"

Do you mean, the jug shell with no blade, lid or insert?If so, please follow this link. All you need to do is select your correct model Blender and proceed to check out :) -blender-jug-shell-without-blade-assembly-lid?_pos=1&_sid=f26ac944d&_ss=r

Standard blenders are cheaper; core functions are to blend soups and smoothies and crush ice. High-performance blenders are more powerful and can cost over $1000; suitable for nut butters, sorbets and making hot soups from raw ingredients using friction. Personal blenders are ideal for single-serve smoothies and can come with chopping attachments. Scores are only comparable by type.

This overall score is made up of performance (60%) and ease of use (40%). Scores are comparable across types (it's unfair to expect a cheap blender to be as powerful as a high-performance, professional blender).

Overall performance is based on how each type of blender performs its core tasks. All are tested for blending a soft food, crushing ice and blending kale. Extra tests include: chopping carrots for standard blenders and green smoothie for personal blenders. High-performance blenders are tested on both of these, plus nut butter and sorbet.

We check how stable the jug is on the unit as well as how heavy it is to lift, how easy the controls are to use and how easy the blender is to clean. The ease of use score accounts for 40% of the overall score.

The blender has high, medium, low and pulse functions and unlike its predecessor the Optimum 9400 the 9200 also has automatic blending options for smoothies (blends automatically for a set period of time) making it perfect for juice bars and people on the run; 25, 35 & 45 seconds.

The blender also comes with an instruction manual and an 83-page raw recipe book to give you some ideas and get you started. It has a sturdy tamper tool too so nothing gets stuck to the sides. Okay, the Next Generation Optimum 9200 blender doesn't come cheap But it really is a seriously amazing piece of kit and the build quality is second to none.

The Optimum 9200A Next Generation comes with 6 years Domestic Warranty as standard. If you have any questions please do contact me by leaving a comment at the end of this post and I will answer any questions you have regarding the Optimum 9200 blender.

Disclosure: Froothie UK sent me the Optimum 9200A Next Generation Power Blender to use and review at home. I have not been paid for this post and was not required to give the blender a positive write up. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links included in this post.

Cooking food can destroy up to 90% of nutrients, but friction heating created when blending, doesn't exactly reach a boiling temperature (over 100C). Temperature varies depending on the duration of the blending cycle. Smoothies are made in a blender and need a base of water or milk. The major benefit is that they retain the fiber that you do not get when juicing. Smoothies will make you feel much fuller than juice, and you can add a lot of different things like nuts, protein powder, hemp seeds and more. Cleanup is easier and options are unlimited!

The flagship ability of the Optimum 9200A Next Generation blender is in making smoothies that achieve a high standard of consistency at speed, thanks to its capably powerful 2,611 watt motor and jar design. It also pulls off a palatable price tag in comparison to offerings from Blendtec and Vitamix at 429 (currently on sale at 329), which comes standard with a respectable six year international warranty. 041b061a72


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