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Free At LastNarcos : Season 2 Episode 1 !!TOP!!

In the first episode of season two, the authorities attack the prison where Escobar is being held and the cartel leader literally walks out. He escapes and then walks through the Army team sent to find him.

Free at LastNarcos : Season 2 Episode 1

All 10 episodes of the season became available for streaming on Netflix on September 2, 2016, and were met with more favorable critical reviews than the first season, with critics particularly praising the performance of Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar. On September 6, 2016, Netflix renewed the series for a third and fourth season.[3]

Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen also reviewed the series positively saying, "Where season 1 spanned 10 years, season 2 captures Escobar's last days on the loose. Each tightly packed episode moves quickly without sacrificing richness, chronicling the uneasy alliances and gross tactics employed to snare Escobar."[21] Television critic, Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter said, "What works in the early going of season two is that the fall is almost always more thrilling, if not engaging, than the buildup. Escobar senses the loss of power and Moura does some of his best work as viewers read the worry and interior thinking on his face."[22] John Anderson of Wall Street Journal wrote, "The sense of desperation among all the characters is heightened; the stakes are higher; the politics more sordid. Other aspects of the series, however, have remained disappointingly the same."[23] However, Writing for Collider Chris Cabin expressed that, "There are potent and provocative ideas that lie frustratingly dormant throughout this series, which seems to be just happy to play a competent but only occasionally compelling Michael Mann riff.[24]

Narcos: Mexico season two kept fans gripped to the action as it depicted the brutal downfall of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo (played by Diego Luna), who was one of Mexico's most prolific drug kingpins. The final episode of the show drew the action to a dramatic end, as well as dropping some hints about what could happen next on the show - here's what you need to know. 041b061a72


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