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Project Brutality Hud Mods

Project Brutality HUD Mods: Enhance Your Doom Experience

Project Brutality is a popular mod for the classic first-person shooter Doom that adds new weapons, enemies, gore, and gameplay features. It is a standalone mod that does not require Brutal Doom to run, but it is compatible with it. Project Brutality also supports different player classes, such as Project Brutality mode, Classic Brutal Doom mode, and Traditional mode, each with their own abilities and weapons.


One of the aspects of Project Brutality that can be customized is the heads-up display (HUD), which shows information such as health, armor, ammo, and inventory. There are several HUD mods available for Project Brutality that can change the look and feel of the HUD to suit your preferences. In this article, we will review some of the best Project Brutality HUD mods that you can download and use.

HXRTC HUD 7.0 for Project Brutality v2.03a

This HUD mod is created by Hexereticdoom and is specially designed to be used with Project Brutality v2.03a. It offers full compatibility with all three player classes and has been tested with the most recent releases of GZDoom and ZDoom. The HUD features a minimalist design that shows only the essential information, such as health, armor, ammo, keys, and inventory. It also has a dynamic crosshair that changes color and shape depending on the weapon and situation. The HUD can be toggled on and off with a keybind.

You can download HXRTC HUD 7.0 for Project Brutality v2.03a from [Mod DB].

Brutal Repository - Others

This is a pack of companion mods from Cat and NB001 that can be used with Project Brutality. The addons are separate but can be used together, as a whole you have access to summon following companions: Freezer Bot that attacks with cryo projectiles that can freeze your enemies or shatter them to pieces; Marine Bot that uses various weapons and grenades to assist you in combat; Sentry Bot that deploys a turret that fires bullets or rockets at your foes; and Drone Bot that flies around and shoots lasers or plasma at your targets. The companions can be summoned with inventory items or console commands, and they have their own health bars and ammo counters on the HUD.

You can download Brutal Repository - Others from [Brutal Repository].

Project Brutality Basic HUD

This HUD mod is created by Sgt_Mark_IV and is based on the original Doom HUD. It shows the basic information such as health, armor, ammo, keys, and face. It also has a small inventory bar that shows the selected item and its amount. The HUD is simple and classic, and it works well with Project Brutality's gameplay features.

You can download Project Brutality Basic HUD from [Mod DB].


Project Brutality is a mod that enhances the Doom experience with new weapons, enemies, gore, and gameplay features. It also allows you to customize the HUD to your liking with various mods that change the look and feel of the HUD. Whether you prefer a minimalist, modern, or classic HUD, there is a mod for you. Try out these Project Brutality HUD mods and see which one suits you best.


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