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Paradise Gay Gallery LINK

Pineapple Point comprises six unique buildings, set on over two acres of a private, lush, clothing-optional, tropical paradise. Have a look around: luxury accommodations, amenities galore, alluring scenery, chill crowd . . . paradise found!

paradise gay gallery

Paradise Pottery is a working studio and gallery located 5 mi. west of Eureka Springs on U.S. 62. The gallery features pit-fired, raku and stoneware for decorative and functional use. JIm Wallace has over 40 years experience in clay studio work and college level teaching and has earned awards for steel sculpture and painting.

9 Tips for your First Provincetown Visit If you're a Fire Island gay, but have never been to Provincetown, might I suggest broadening your horizons? I've given 10 reasons why every queer twentysomething needs to visit Provincetown -- the artsy, gay paradise located on the tip of Cape Cod -- but now I'm going to give you some insider tips for your first trip there. Ones that go beyond the "get off your phone" and "leave your work stress at home." Take a look!

There are numerous activities to do during the day. The obvious ones are going to the beach and pool, but you can also cruise down Commercial Street and venture from one queer art gallery to the next. You can climb the Pilgrim Monument. Rent a boat and head out on the water with your friends. Go Whale Watching. Bike through Beech Forest. The list goes on and on.

On the surface the differences seem irreconcilable. Either Peoples Temple was a progressive church or it was a cult. The discipline was necessary, the discipline was excessive. Either the headquarters on Geary Street was a hub of community-based activity, providing food and shelter to hundreds if not thousands of people in the Bay Area, or it was an urban socialist fortress. Either Jonestown was paradise or it was a concentration camp. Was the food adequate in Jonestown or not? Were the conditions in Jonestown humane or not? Were the seniors abused or not? Could you refuse advances from Jim Jones or not?

Hot Glass, Cold Brew First City Art Center, 1060 N. Guillemard St. 6 to 9 p.m today. The First City Art Center presents its Hot Glass, Cold Brew - Post Pluto Holiday Edition. Post Pluto will bring fun and funky music that speaks to a broad age range and musical taste. There will be live art demonstrations in hot glass, pottery, as well as preforming art. The event will also include a gallery opening showcasing works from FCAC gallery artists. Full admission ($20/$25) will include a signature handblown glass or hand-thrown ceramic glass. These collector glasses and cups are limited. Members or those who sign-up the night of the event will be allowed to enter at 5:30. Reduced admission (without signature cup) for children over 12 is $10. Children younger than 12 are free. 429-1222.

DOUGLAS CRIMP is a prodigious New York intellectual. In his curation and critical writing of the late 1970s, he identified a group of emerging visual artists, notably Robert Longo, Cindy Sherman, and Sherrie Levine, who were appropriating images from popular culture in subversive new ways. They were often referred to as the "Pictures Generation" after Crimp's 1977 exhibition, Pictures, at the Artists Space gallery. 041b061a72


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