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Where to Download Mario Kart Tour and Race Around Courses Inspired by Real-World Cities

When a race is completed, the player will be awarded with Grand Stars, experience points for the used driver, kart, and glider whose base points are not maxed out, and coins. If the player finishes in the top three places, the gauge to level up will be filled, while if the placement is 5th or lower, the gauge will be dropped. When the gauge is already empty, however, the player will not level down. Only the points gained in the specific course will be lost, meaning that the first race on each course won't make the player lose experience points even if they arrive in 8th place; similarly, each course has an experience points cap. The more experience points have already been gained on a specific course, the fewer experience points will be awarded by arriving in the first three places until the cap is reached. At that point, only the experience points lost due to arriving in 5th place or lower will be regained when arriving in the first three places. The total amount of experience points gained in a course is never reset and is carried to the following tours, forcing the player to drive in new courses to still keep gaining experience points and leveling up.

where to download mario kart tour

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The courses the player can play depends on the tour, which changes every two weeks. Since the Battle Tour, each tour has fifteen cups, and adds new drivers, karts, gliders, and courses. Starting with the Baby Rosalina Tour until the Anniversary Tour, each tour had twelve cups. Starting with the 2019 Paris Tour until the Mario Bros. Tour, each tour had eighteen cups. Starting from the New York Tour until the 2019 Halloween Tour, each tour had sixteen cups. During certain tours, mainly ones themed around real-world locations, the game includes one course that is new to the series. Each cup contains three races and one bonus challenge. Bonus challenges require the player to beat a certain goal with a certain character, kart, and glider. Once each of the courses and the bonus challenge are all played and enough Grand Stars are obtained, the player can move on to the next cup. In later tours, cups are automatically unlocked without any requirements. In Mario Kart Tour, cups are named after the playable characters.

Every week, one of the tour's cups is a ranked cup. In a ranked cup, the player is placed on a leaderboard based on their overall score in the game against nineteen other players. The player gains a reward for finishing in the top 10 and will increase in tier at the end of the week if their end position is near the top, while they will lose one or two tiers if finishing poorly enough above tier 20. Since the Cooking Tour, tier 25 and up rewards points-cap tickets for the top few positions. These tickets, along with the corresponding point-boost tickets, rotate between driver, kart, and glider tickets on a weekly basis. In some tours, drivers replaced coins in the rewards for moving to a higher tier. Currently, the highest tier the player can reach is 99.

Introduced in version 2.6.0, Auto mode is a new option in single-player races that allows the player to spectate in a race fully controlled by the AI. The driver, kart and glider chosen by the player will participate in said race and will be the default AI player followed. The player is able to choose the racer followed by the camera and has control on the relative positioning and zoom of the camera. A button at the bottom allows to take screenshots at the rendering resolution of the game rather than the display resolution of the device. Starting with version 2.8.0, seven additional filters can be applied to the camera. When the race ends, the Coins and event tokens (but not team tokens) collected by the chosen driver are given to the player, along with the obtained experience points of the driver, kart and glider. The experience points of the player will instead remain unaffected, regardless of the outcome of the race. Additional filters have begun to be added with new tours, starting with the Princess Tour.

In Coin Rush, the player can spend rubies to obtain a great number of coins. Over 300 coins are found in the course. For each tour, another course is available in Coin Rush. Gold Mario is the regular driver, and the Gold Standard is the regular kart driven. The coins obtained from Coin Rush are multiplied by a certain number, depending on how many rubies a player has spent.

As of the Wedding Tour, regular login bonuses are replaced with Today's Challenge in which the player must complete a race on a pre-selected course with a pre-selected driver, kart, and glider. After completing this daily race, the player can shoot out a free pipe launch (except on day 14) which can contain regular items, as well as rubies, coins, and item tickets. The player receives a special blue-colored badge on day 14 as a reward for playing on every day of the given tour. Until the Anniversary Tour, the player received 5 rubies on days 5 and 10, in stead of a free pipe pull.

Multiplayer mode was added to Mario Kart Tour on March 8, 2020, where up to eight human players can play against each other. Players race against each other in three courses in a chosen cup of the current tour, with the cup changing every 13 minutes, allowing the player to race in cups that have not yet been unlocked. There are four sets of rules that interchange daily: 100cc with default item slots, 100cc with two item slots, 150cc with default item slots, and 150cc with two item slots. Matches are also periodically set to be Team Games[14] (not to be confused with Team Rallies), wherein players are randomly divided into two teams and their combined standings at the end of a match decide the winning team. In the "With Friends or Others Nearby" mode, the player can set the rules themselves, including the engine class (50cc, 100cc, or 150cc), number of item slots (1, 2, or default), number of teams (none, 2, 3 or 4), number of races (3, 6, or 12), enabling teams, enabling Friendly-Fire Mode for teams, and inclusion of COM racers. The player can also create a Room and invite players to join it with a code.

Some tours have a 2-Player Challenge event taking place, where the player could team up with another player in the "With Friends or Others Nearby" mode to race against a team of set opponents (such as Rosalina and the five babies in Vs. Rosalina Team) and collect event tokens in a set of three courses.

As of the Snow Tour, players can purchase a card for $4.99 USD with additional challenges every tour, with the reward for completing all challenges being a High-End driver, kart or glider. Progress on the challenges is shown whether the player has purchased or not, and all completed challenges can be claimed immediately on purchase. Uncompleted challenge cards can be carried over to the next tour, with up to fifteen able to be held at once.

Players can visit profile pages of themselves and their friends. On a profile page, the player can display a badge, choose their eight favorite drivers out of the drivers they own and can see their records, which include the amounts of collected drivers, karts, and gliders, their highest score they earned on a single course in the current tour, their number of Standard Race, Gold Race and Kart Pro wins, their highest multiplayer grade and their highest tier. Additionally, their current level, tier, and multiplayer grade are shown for the player and their friends.

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Little GarfieldI do apologize if their previous inclusion was misleading or confusing to anyone out there, but nothing will ever be as confusing as their exclusion from the game to begin with.I should also apologize, I wasn't the nicest when I brought this up. I completely agree, I was really sad when they confirmed it wasn't a mistake and was "functioning as intended" with the same soundtrack.Little Garfieldthe fact that the version of Wii Rainbow Road (or any of the Wii tracks) were slightly altered for MKT in terms of their bass - as your images clearly seem to indicate - is actually new information to me.It seems I was actually wrong myself when I just went back to double check everything was how I thought it was. I went back to the -soundtracks/album/mario-kart-wii - Mario Kart Wii gamerip on this site which I didn't check before, and surprisingly it matches Tour once you match the volume (sorry [USER=2412411]@ego-lay_atman-bay[/USER], you were right that it was the same in Wii and Tour - however the song on the album was not). It turns out the platinum soundtrack is actually what is different - I got thrown off by it being in this album lol. Every single song in the platinum soundtrack sounds somewhat different if you compare it to the MKWii gamerip. I originally thought that was just due to it being higher quality, but part of me feels like the soundtrack uses more bass, even when trying to match the volume of certain instruments. The biggest example I can give to show what I mean is Koopa Cape, it sounds like it has way louder bass regardless of matching the volume level in the platinum soundtrack, Rainbow Road is a good one to tell the difference in the bass too when compared to the game's audio too. I thought that Tour had been mastering songs differently because I was comparing the Tour versions to the platinum soundtrack without knowing that it wasn't exactly the same as the versions in the Wii game but slightly higher quality. It also doesn't help that Tour is inconsistent with which versions of the songs they use from which game, for example I now realize most of the tracks use the MK7 versions (All retro tracks that were in 7 generally use the 7 version, with I believe 1 or 2 exceptions), except for Wii tracks which always use the Wii versions. Mario Kart 7 is what did a lot of changes to the songs, just listen to the difference of the =2-UKBHWhHtY - MKDS Battle Theme in Mario Kart 7 (Palm Shore) versus =pDpR0VDoIpY - the same song in Wii (DS Twilight House) - that should help show you why I thought this was the case. So when I originally thought there were mastering differences for Tour, I think all the mastering differences I thought existed were actually just the result of them using different versions of songs from different games. My bad on this one, I just figured this out the hard way.Little GarfieldNow how I ended up using the version of the song from the MKWii Platinum Soundtrack instead of the one from Tour's files is still beyond me, but I guess it wouldn't be the first time I would've messed up one of the songs without noticing. The only reason I even noticed this is because of what I said above about it being different sounding, it was such a weird thing for me to find out it sounded somewhat different than what was in the actual Mario Kart Wii files.Little GarfieldAlso, it just hit me that the name HalfHydra sounds super familiar to me, but I can't pin-point why.I did a lot of datamining stuff for the game for a couple years such as dumping the course data every tour, I stopped because I needed to focus on other life stuff. Maybe that's why


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