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Surface Book: July Firmware Updates

Microsoft has released firmware updates for its Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro (5th Gen), and Surface Book 2 laptop, and the updates bring reliability improvements for battery charging and Surface Dock 2.

Surface Book: July Firmware Updates

In response to requests from customers for more detailed lifecycle information to help plan and manage hardware and software deployments, Surface is offering more guidance on our driver and firmware updates.

This lifecycle policy covers drivers and firmware releases for Windows-based Surface devices. The lifecycle begins when a device is first released and concludes when Surface ceases publication of drivers and firmware updates on the End of Servicing date. The following sections define the lifecycle policy and End of Servicing dates.

Device support period. The device support period defines the period during which Surface will support driver and firmware updates for a device. The Device Support Period starts when a device is released. Surface devices will receive driver and firmware updates for at least 4 years from when the device was first released. In cases where the support duration is longer than 4 years, an updated end of servicing date will be published in advance of the date of last servicing.

OS version support. OS version support defines the operating system versions supported by Surface during the device support period. Surface devices will receive driver and firmware updates for Windows OS versions released in the prior 30 months. Surface won't support Windows OS versions earlier than the OS versions supported at device release. For the minimum supported OS version of your Surface device, see Surface supported operating systems.

How you manage Surface driver and firmware updates may vary depending on your environment and organizational requirements. In larger organizations, IT admins typically stage deployments internally and allocate time to test upgrades before rolling them out to user devices.

This article is intended for IT professionals and technical support agents and applies to Surface devices only. If you're looking for help to install Surface updates or firmware on a home device, see Download drivers and firmware for Surface.

Tools for managing devices, including driver and firmware updates, are included in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Endpoint Manager includes Microsoft Intune, Windows Autopilot, and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the recommended solution for large organizations to manage Surface updates. Configuration Manager allows you to synchronize and deploy Surface firmware and driver updates with the Configuration Manager client. Integration with Intune lets you see all your managed, co-managed, and partner-managed devices in one place. The Microsoft Surface Management Portal is a centralized place in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center where you can self-serve, manage, and monitor your organization's Intune-managed Surface devices at scale.

Microsoft has released a slew of firmware updates for its Intel-powered Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Book 3 devices (via WindowsBlogItalia). The latest batch brings overall system stability improvements and also addresses various issues.

For Surface Book 3 owners, the June 2021 firmware updates aim to enhance the WiFi and Bluetooth connection reliability and address a few critical security vulnerabilities. You can check out the full list of changes below:

In addition, Microsoft is also rolling out a set of firmware updates for Surface Laptop 3 models running Intel processors. These bits include the same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth updates and resolve an issue within the Microsoft Teams app. You can check out the changelog below:

The June 2022 firmware update is now available for more Surface devices. Microsoft has released a fresh set of patches for the second-gen Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop 2. These updates contain new drivers, performance improvements, and bugfixes.

The Windows Hello driver included in a firmware update failed to properly reinitialize the infrared camera after waking from sleep mode, causing Windows Hello to fail until a reboot.[29] Firmware updates were issued in April and May 2016 to fix the camera.[30] The device had a battery life issue where it failed to sleep properly, draining the battery very quickly.[31] Microsoft developed a fix that was available on February 17, 2016.[32] An additional issue raised by many Surface owners is problems with expanding lithium batteries that causes screen discoloration and separation of the screen from the body of the computer. This has led to concerns about potential fire and explosion hazards. The design of the Surface does not allow for the battery to be easily exchanged. Other reported problems included power management issues in which sleep and standby modes resulted in the unexpected continual drain of the battery.[33]

D-Control Updates in Pro Tools HD 7.4cs1 (November 30, 2007)The following new or updated features were added in the D-Control personality file and firmware updates included in the Pro Tools HD 7.4cs1 update and all higher Pro Tools HD 7.4 CS releases:

Update Services for Windows includes Windows Update and Microsoft Update. Windows Update is a service that provides you with software updates for Windows software and other supporting software, such as drivers and firmware supplied by device manufacturers. Microsoft Update is a service that provides you with software updates for other Microsoft software such as Microsoft 365. 350c69d7ab


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