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Green Mountain Martial Arts

Learning to face challenges. 
Learning to build on achievement.

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The value of Determination

No matter what someone chooses to become in their life, life will eventually become challenging. You may not end up choosing to peruse martial arts forever but overcoming the challenges you face in class through practice, courage and determination will give you the tools to help create success in whatever you decide to do.

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Signing Up

  1. Complete the application. One for each new student. Returning student need not complete the application. 

  2. Download, print and sign school release. One for each student. 

If you are unable to print the release, that's ok. We will have some when you arrive for your first lesson. ​

However, the release must be signed by a parent or guardian before any minor student may participate in class. 

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Location and Email

Classes at Green Mountain Recreation Center. 

13198 W Green Mountain Dr., Lakewood, CO 80227

(303) 720-1453

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Class Schedule

Green Mountain Rec Classes:
Monday 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Saturday 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

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Common Questions

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Do we need a membership or punch cards for the recreation center in order to come to classes?
No. You may need to check in at the counter when you arrive but will not need to pay or use a punch card.
However, neither students nor parents may use any the other facilities without paying the for admission at the front desk.

Are masks required to train?
NEW INFORMATION. Masks are currently not required to attend. While we can't predict the future, there are no plans to return to requiring them.  

Who do we pay for tuition?
You will pay Green Mountain Martial Arts directly. You can use check, cash, credit card (Vias or Mastercard) or Venmo. As of now, tuition will be collected when you arrive for class since there’s not a way of paying online. (Yet)

Is there an introductory period to see if we like it?
Yes, the first two classes are free. Just go to the sign-up page and complete the application. If you forget to apply, that's ok. Just show up before class and we'll get things taken care of. 

The uniforms we had don’t fit any more. Can we get new ones?
Yes. But on the first day, feel free to wear sweats or loose cloths that you can work out in. An order will be made for student equipment after the second class. Payment is due when the order is made.

I have rank in another school. Can I keep my rank at Green Mountain MA?
Yes. Students with previous experience in other schools are welcome.

Are classes for adults, kids or mixed?
For now, the class is mixed for adults and kids of all ranks.

What age can students start?
Generally, around 8 years old. Maturity of the student is more important than age. Student must be able to focus during class, follow directions and be mindfully safe. Out of control and unsafe behavior will not be tolerated. This is for the safety of all students and instructors.

Is there a contract that I need to sign?
No. Classes are paid for month to month.

Does the cost for testing increase as rank increases?
No. Testing fees for all tests will be the same.

If you have other questions that weren't answered here, please contact us here.

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